Kabbalah comes back to life in 2021 with 'The Omen', an occult rock grimoire where sticky melodies, funerary riffs and liturgy vocals come together. In 'The Omen', Kabbalah cultivates their distinctive cross of influences moving between heavy riffs, harmonized vocals and killer songwritting. The band has been described as "a doo-wop era girl group doing Black Sabbath... sharing the same shrine as Pentagram"
Kabbalah, which consists of Carmen, Marga and Alba, has gone a step further in developing their characteristic sound, as 'The Omen' contains sparks of classic rock, psych and doom. The cover, referencing the Kutna Hora ossuary, welcomes listeners to the ill-fated cosmos portrayed in the album.Kabbalah previously released 'Spectral Ascent' (2017), a full-length album preceded by 3 self- released EPs which were very well received by followers of the darkest sounds. 'The Omen' (2021) is their second full-length album and will be released by Ripple Music imprint REBEL WAVES RECORDS in collaboration with STONER WITCH RECORDS.

Label: Ripple Music

Country: Spain

Genre: Occult Rock



23.12.21 ES - Pamplona  Sala Totem